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The Transition Movement

The Transition movement was founded in 2005 by Rob Hopkins in Totnes, Devon in the UK. Its initial goals were to tackle the issues of climate change and peak oil and ‘transition’ to a low carbon future. Transition rapidly became a world wide movement with over 2000 groups – some registered and others not – each creating a vision for a sustainable future for their ‘town’. Key tenets of Transition are resilience and localisation (our motto is ‘Building a local, resilient economy’).?All groups are self-organising and free to develop as they see fit. There are many Transition resources to assist groups to achieve their goals.

Banyule has 8 Transition groups:

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Sustainable Macleod aims to build a resilient local community, encouraging residents to shop locally, produce and share their own food, use environmentally-friendly transport and undertake other activities to promote sustainability.

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