Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland Fruit Fly


Queensland fruit fly reached Victoria as a result of warm winters in 2011 and 2012 and gradually spread southward into the Yarra Valley. It arrived in Banyule 2 seasons ago. Queensland fruit fly if left unchecked will destroy our ability to produce fresh fruit and vegetables.

Sustainable Macleod is doing everything in its power to stop the spread. Please join us, whether you are a Sustainable Macleod member or not, in learning about Queensland fruit fly, taking active measures to combat it, and spreading the word.

This dedicated web page includes information and strategies to combat Queensland Fruit fly, videos, dates of seminars, and a shop with items that you will need at wholesale prices. All our seminars and workshops are free.

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Queensland Fruit Fly workshop

Watch our video of the Zoom Workshop with Angelo Eliades on controlling Queensland Fruit Fly, including a Q&A session. Angelo discusses the impact of QFF, methods of control and where you can get more information.

You can visit Angelo’s website at deepgreenpermaculture.com

Buy a Queensland Fruit Fly trap and attractant

We are now selling Queensland Fruit Fly traps at wholesale prices in our online shop for collection at the Sustainable Macleod Community Garden.

Queensland Fruit Fly blog posts


QFF: Put out Wild May and protein lures NOW

QFF: Put out Wild May and protein lures NOW

September is when Queensland Fruit Fly will begin mating and sting your fruit and vegetables. Take action to prevent this. Put out: Wild May in lures to attract the males Ceratraps or other protein lures to attract females and males Then: Place the lures 1.5 to 2m...

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