A clean energy plan for Banyule

Sep 14, 2020 | Clean energy, News

Banyule City Council has released the Community Climate Action Plan, following feedback and submissions through the Shaping Banyule Portal on the BCC website. The Plan is intended to have the Council take the lead in “planning for, and responding to, climate change.”

To reduce the reliance on fossil-fuel-derived energy in Banyule, the Action Plan sets as a target zero net emissions of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2), by 2040. The Council has already set a target for Council corporate emissions to be net zero by 2028.

The Council has a multi-pronged approach which includes assistance for residents, schools and businesses to take up renewable energy options such as solar photovoltaic panels.

The Council also has as a target a “thriving and responsive Banyule – one that is connected, inclusive and resilient”. These aims are very much in line with Sustainable Macleod’s aims and values.

It is encouraging that the Plan specifically mentions community engagement. Sustainable Macleod is well-placed to engage with the Council to assist in reducing emissions. We will be encouraging members of Sustainable Macleod to discuss ways in which they can help further the aims of the Action Plan. This might include initiatives such as the solar bulk-buy scheme and support for purchase of other renewable-energy equipment. Other measures include reducing domestic use of energy for example by retrofitting insulation.

Written by Paul Gale-Baker

 Read and download the Community Climate Action Plan.

If you would like to see an increased use of renewable energy in Banyule generally, you can indicate your interest by emailing Paul Gale-Baker on sustainablemacleod@gmail.com.