August garlic hint

Jul 15, 2023 | August, Gardening tips, Garlic, Monthly Guides, Root Vegetables

This hint covers the end of winter and the beginning of spring which have slightly different requirements.

The first thing to do is observe your garlic plants and note whether there is any yellowing on the tips or on older leaves. If there is, spray with fish emulsion such as Charlie Carp to increase available nitrogen. (Fish emulsion is not the same as seaweed solution. The latter is a mineral and trace element liquid not a nitrogen fertiliser.)

Late winter/early spring calls for a top dressing of blood and bone if you did not improve your soil before planting but no later than this as nitrogen can interfere with bulb swell. The addition of sulphur will help your bulbs develop sulphur content. Once spring is underway, spray with seaweed extract (Seasol* or Maxicrop) and/or worm juice every 3 weeks.

Continue to keep your garlic weed free, well watered but not from overhead (water directly onto soil only) and netted against cockatoo strike.

*Seasol is Australian made

Written by Robin Gale-Baker.