Sustainable Macleod has established a wonderful partnership with BANSIC* during the COVID-19 crisis and we intend to strengthen this connection into the future. 

BANSIC has done an amazing job providing food to many people suddenly without income in Banyule. Sustainable Macleod has supported BANSIC in providing fresh food from the Macleod Organic Community Garden and food donated by members. Sharon Henderson, president of BANSIC, has told us that our fresh food has been incredibly popular and much more sought after than packaged food. So far Sustainable Macleod has provided about 200 kg of fresh food. We are especially grateful to

Raquel and Tim Waller for 75 kg of fresh apples that come from a Yarra Valley research facility where Tim works.

Sustainable Macleod also made a $500 donation to BANSIC to support their work and the Banyule community.

As the COVID crisis moves into a more dangerous phase with restrictions easing, it is important that we continue providing as much food as possible. Please email Sustainable Macleod if you can donate even small amounts of fresh food including vegetables, fruit and ‘tied up’ bunches of herbs.

*BANSIC is the Banyule Support and Information Centre and has operated in Banyule for 40 years. It has a small staff and many volunteers. It also operates the BANSIC Macleod Op Shop (at the Post Office end of Aberdeen Road).