Queensland Fruit Fly blog #8

Jun 2, 2022 | QLD Fruit Fly

Now is the perfect time to put out Wild May to attract overwintering male QFF. Place fresh Wild May liquid in QFF containers and position on the east side of the tree, 1.2-2m high within the canopy. Lemon trees are ideal places to hang the containers as males collect in leks (small groups of about 10) in the canopy of these trees. Dealing with males now and through winter will reduce their numbers and their subsequent breeding come spring.

Collect any fallen fruit or fruit left on trees and dispose of through cooking, microwaving, freezing or solarising and then dispose of in the waste bin. Never put it in the compost.

Sustainable Macleod is holding a cost price sale of Wild May, QFF bottles and Kaolin clay (see below) starting today to assist everyone to eradicate QFF. Look for other items on sale as well. Go to the website shop to order and pay, and collect from the community garden on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons between 1-4pm. (You do not have to be a member to order).