Sustainable Macleod is delighted to announce that Robin Gale-Baker was awarded 2018 Victorian Senior of the Year Healthy and Active Living by the Victorian Governor, Linda Dessau. Many thanks to Anne Connell for nominating Robin and to Marsha Merory, Sandra Macneil and Katherine Barling for their supporting references.

Robin was nominated for this award for her leadership in the establishment of Sustainable Macleod, the Macleod Vegie Swap and the Macleod Organic Community Gardens.

She is the networker and connector for a very diverse range of individuals and community organisations and she is regarded as a role model and mentor for older community members and younger generations seeking to engage in the community.

Robin has a deep understanding of the importance of social participation to people’s health and wellbeing one of her respoinses has been the organisation of a busy calendar of events to attract and engage locals seeking activity and companionship.

This includes her work to engage young people and people with disabilities on practical approaches to healthy living and community participation.

Her activism on sustainability and broader environmental issues, includes the workshops she delivers associated with the practicalities of local healthy food production and on the worldwide transition movement which aims to establish caring, safe and resilient local communities.