Sustainable Macleod sustainable gift ideas

Nov 17, 2020 | News, Waste & consumerism

Here’s a list of suggestions by members, for a very happy, sustainable Christmas!

Vouchers for

  • Sustainable Macleod membership or workshops – purchase here
  • Bush Heritage Trust Bush giftcards
  • other memberships
  • local restaurants – help them after covid!
  • experiences
  • online workshops
  • plays from the Australian Shakespeare Co. at the Botanical Gardens including Wind in the Willows and Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies
  • Heidelberg Theatre Company season tickets
  • from ‘you’ for babysitting, gardening, etc
  • movies

Donations for

Items suggested by members on Facebook

  • Mikoto: reusable, washable pleated face masks. Contact Mikoto: 0421 654 934
  • Rebecca’h Pescarini -Walker: wellness cookbook available in both digital format or print edition ‘Eat Well Live Well – Organic Plant Based Wholefoods
  • Suzanna Zhang: magnesium bath salts infused with essential oils & bath accessories. Blends come in glass jars that are reusable and can be repurposed 
  • Brigid Conte: tan leather key rings, bookmarks and other small items that make great plastic-free gifts 
  • Jasmine Olfain: sustainable products and garments from upcycled fabrics and blankets see @bearfootcubs on Facebook and Instagram
  • Katrina Naish: items from reclaimed fabric, painting kits are a favourite
  • Fiona Morrison: online cooking workshops and holiday workshops for children – teaching healthy and sustainable cooking and eating from scratch
  • paletas: Mexican icy poles – a frozen fruit treat! family business & made locally in Diamond Creek
  • sustainable pegs – save Asian forests by eliminating wooden pegs; also great for arthritic fingers (see photo)
  • items: food, produce, gardening, chooks, art and kids’ stuff
  • anything from our local shops
  • books from op shops
  • mushroom growing kits – buy shiitake and oyster mushroom kits through Sustainable Macleod for 1/2 price ($15) 
  • loose tea (including decaffeinated) and teapot or spices, salts and herbs
  • olive oil products from Hildebrand Grove
  • homemade food or other items
  • Mad Millie for all sorts of preserving equipment and food making kits
  • kokedamas, terrariums, seeds, plants or homegrown produce
  • plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars
  • carpentry tools or garden tools i.e. secateurs and pruners 
  • paper pot maker or artists supplies
  • a wicking gardening bed from Bulleen Art and Garden
  • locally sustainably made baby and children’s goods
  • reuseable drink bottle or coffee cup
  • chooks