Urgent jobs in the garden for January

Jan 1, 2024 | Gardening tips, January, Monthly Guides, Monthly planting guides and jobs

  • Spray summer vegetables with seaweed solution.
  • Spray eggplant fruit with Dipel to prevent caterpillar infestation.
  • Water citrus trees once or twice a week especially in extreme heat as they are shallow rooted and need water near the surface.
  • Water, weed, and mulch all beds to keep maximum moisture in the soil.
  • Fill wicking beds weekly but daily in extreme heat.
  • Prepare simple shade structures for days of very high temperatures.
  • Tie raspberries to wires.
  • Tie up asparagus fronds and leave until they yellow in autumn/winter before pruning to ground level.
  • Harvest your fruit!

Note: blossom end rot on summer vegies is caused by under watering

Written by Robin Gale-Baker