What to plant in January in Melbourne

Jan 1, 2024 | Gardening tips, January, Monthly Guides, Monthly planting guides and jobs

January is a month in which I sow very little and plant out very little. Instead I put my attention into watering, weeding, and mulching to support the vegies already planted. It is too late to plant out vegies that have a long growing season. By the time they fruit, there is not enough time for them to ripen. I also want to conserve water and expend it on vegies already growing.

Planting in punnets

January is generally too hot to plant seeds in punnets and it is difficult to keep punnets moist in very hot weather. Restrict your seed sowing to lettuce, rocket, salad greens and mustard greens (peppery tasting greens).

Plant out seedlings of:

basil, lettuce, salad greens, rocket and mustard greens but keep well watered and provide a shade covering on hot days.

Plant directly into the soil:

Zero! If you have a wicking bed, you can plant root vegetables.

Note: all summer vegies need plenty of water so that they do not go to seed.
Water deeply at least twice per week and deeply for several days before any heat wave. Well hydrated plants will not scorch. Cover with shade cloth or fabric to protect fruit from being sunburnt during a heat wave.

For the best site (sun, partial sun, partial shade) in the garden for each vegetable, refer to ‘How much sun do my vegies need?’ 

To prepare for a spring/summer garden refer to ‘Preparing a spring/summer or autumn/winter vegie garden’

For planting in punnets and soil preparation for direct sowing refer to ‘How to plant seeds in punnets’

Written by Robin Gale-Baker