Worried about your plants over summer? Here’s what to do!

Nov 27, 2023 | Gardening tips

Are you planning on being away for a few days during the hotter weather, and are worried about whether your vegies will survive and be productive? There are things you can do such as using a timer with drip line to water, and building a quick shade structure if the days are likely to be hot, but what is often overlooked are the benefits of strengthening plants through the regular application of foliar seaweed sprays. Stronger plants are healthier plants that take up more water and survive against the odds.

A foliar spray is one in which a concentrate is diluted in water and sprayed directly onto the foliage – hence the name. Seaweed spray is made from bull kelp or knotted kelp that comes from King Island beaches or the beaches of Tasmania’s west, washing up in huge quantities after storms. It is a sustainable, organic product, marketed as Seasol. Seasol is an Australian Company operating since 1974.

Seasol is excellent for many things not least of which are:

  • strengthening cell walls of plants and enabling them to deliver more water from roots to leaves, flowers and fruit
  • protecting and strengthening plants in distress
  • promoting strong, healthy roots, and encouraging healthy micro-organisms in the soils
  • supplying micro-nutrients missing from the soil directly to the leaves

One or two applications however are not enough. Regular applications according to instructions are what is required. Most vegies will need to be sprayed every 2 – 3weeks.

The best time to start a regular spraying program is when the seedlings are first planted; the second best time is now! When seedlings are planted, spraying will lessen if not prevent, transplant shock, which sets young plants back as they struggle to adapt to new surroundings. As these plants establish, spraying will begin to strengthen the plant. The stronger the plants capacity to deliver water from the roots to the fruit, the better. The healthier the plant, the less likely it will be attacked by disease or insects. And the more likely it is to survive a bit of stress so why not bite the bullet, buy some Seasol and start spraying right away!

Here is a useful article on the difference between foliar sprays and nitrogen based sprays

Written by Robin Gale-Baker