We need to talk about…your green waste bin

Sep 15, 2021 | Waste & consumerism

Doing the right thing with household waste can seem like a simple thing. But waste management is a complex beast and it’s easy to get things mixed up. When you combine products claiming to be compostable, varying council rules and throw in human error, stuff ends up in the wrong place.

City of Banyule’s waste education coordinator Margaret Morgan says the council is currently coping with a green waste contamination problem because people are putting the wrong things into their green waste bins.

Disposable nappies and bags labelled ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’ are just two examples of items not permitted by either Banyule or Darebin Council’s green waste bins.

“Compostable bags are not accepted at our processor because they do not break down into mulch” says Margaret.

People often collect their green waste in biodegradable plastic bags and then put it into the green waste bin, which is not allowed either.

This is what should go into your green waste bins in Banyule:

  • weeds
  • flowers
  • grasses
  • grass clippings
  • twigs less than 10cm in diameter
  • branches less than 70cm long.

The following items don’t belong in your green waste bin if you live in Banyule or Darebin council areas:

  • pet poo
  • compostable kitty litter
  • dust
  • ash and soil
  • building materials
  • plastics
  • household waste.

Darebin Council welcomes food waste

In Darebin the rules are different and food waste can be disposed of in the same garden waste bin. Food waste disposal began in October 2019. There are several things to consider with food waste and full details and a list of permitted items are explained on the City of Darebin website.

Banyule’s tips on what bin to use are here.

Here are some other top tips for your green waste bin:

  • Don’t pack material too tightly as the bin will not empty completely
  • Mow your grass as close to collection day as possible
  • Place freshly mown grass clippings near the top of your bin to prevent it sticking to the bottom of the bin.
  • Bin lid must be closed
  • If you can’t easily tip and move the bin by hand, it’s too heavy
  • Bins heavier than 75 kg will not be emptied
  • Cut up your Christmas tree before putting it in the bin.

Download the Banyule green waste guide

Download the Darabin green waste guide

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Written by Amanda Tattam